Kefir is a mix of alot of different terminology, and no one is sure if it's a code generator, or a code sketcher, or something that just makes life more difficult. In the end though, kefir is simply a Python script that takes in a Glade file, and spits out a set of wrapper classes in Python around the windows in the glade file. For more information on how it works, click here

Kefir offers such features as:

All this can be yours for the mere cost of swallowing the red pill and using Open Source Software.


June 16, 2006 I've made some changes to Kefir, and released PR3. I'm including the first part of a tutorial that is very much a work in progress. There's only so many hours to the day...

June 13, 2006 Well, the site looks the same, but it really isn't. From now on, its fueled by a crack team of monkeys on alot of PHP and given typewriters. This should make website maintance easier. There should also be a new Prerelease out today, and barring evil monkeys, it should be uploaded along with this website. It fixes a few random bugs, which I should have kept better track of. Mostly typos. It also includes a few new ways of thinking about how to use it. Keep your eyes posted for an article explaining this in the next few days.

June 9, 2006 As you can see, we've managed to get our web site running. Many thanks to Pat Heard of Full Ahead Design for his lovely layout that I stole. He's got alot of nice designs, so make a point of checking it out. It's a feast for the eyes.

Check out what we've got. I'm mirroring Sandino Flores Moreno's old articles for tepache, as the methods used to create kefirized programs are still the same as tepache, even if the programs look different.